Moving Forward With Heaven, and Passion

This is where we belong.

In front of a blank page.

It always starts with one word. 

Launching this blog and this idea of writing our spiritual stories has been a LONG LONG LONG time coming. Heaven has been pressing on me, nudging, inspiring, whispering, guiding, directing, and waiting patiently for my Stillness.

Heaven has been waiting for me to turn myself over. 

I am a study of contrasts. Like almost everyone breathing.

Responsibilities often anchor me, that are hardly ever mine to call my own, but I took a step. I've been taking steps towards this for years. Years. 

And finally, I took a BIG giant step into faith, and it took a ton of courage. Fear not and be of good courage runs thick through my veins every day. 

This blog isn't for me. These ideas are not mine. 

I am simply the gatherer. The sharer.  

Heaven explained this long ago. 

I won't post beautiful meals or pictures of glorious vacations. I will post words that make my life work, hoping you will spiral inward, reach down deep inside, and find your own words, your own voice, and begin to tell your story.

It's a sort of hastening, if you will. Can you feel the momentum of the Lord's work? Are you wondering what your part is?  It's your voice. It's your story. 

This blog is for those who need it. It's for those of you who hunger to know the words to your story and to know how  to find the words to tell your spiritual story. 

The world needs your voice. 

The world needs your story. 

Testimony belongs to story. But there are layers to testimony. There are layers to life. Contrasts. Shades. Hues. Designs. Study. Prayers. Beliefs. And it is the spiritual textures that make up a growing testimony. 

Finding your voice is a personal and spiritual journey requiring you look at your inner geography, the passions you hold, the questions beating within you, and gaining a knowledge of how to use the gifts and talents you've been given to make a difference, not worrying that you will make someone feel less than, rather, that you are doing your part in building a full offering.  

Remember the bushel. Remember the talents. Remember the parable. 

We are all given talents. Writing and searching to know what those gifts and talents are, and helping others to find their voice----that's my PASSION. 

passion photo.JPG

What's your passion?

Today, take 5 minutes to write 5 of your passions. Write it on a paper towel, a piece of scrap paper, write it in your heart. Write it in the shower. Write it in a letter. 

Step 1--Do something with your PASSION, today. Not tomorrow. Today. 

If your passion is raising your children, write 5 things that made you a passionate mother today.

If your passion is your home, write about what brings you peace. How do you find shelter while scrubbing your kitchen floor?  

If your passion is your church calling, what discoveries are you making along the way? 

If your passion is travel, write 5 things you deeply learned about yourself on your latest adventure. Don't just travel. Record the feelings, the reflections, the pondering you did in your heart. 

If your passion is unclear or unknown at this time---

  • Be patient, but start searching and seeking. 

  • Begin with the questions.

  • Begin with prayers and pondering. 

  • Ask for guidance to help you feel alive and at full capacity so that you can live with more fullness.

Years and years ago, Paul's words helped me find my PASSION in his letter to the Philippians:

"I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound, everywhere and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. "  

Philippians 4:12-13  

Choose to ABOUND.

Choose to overflow and to be filled with HIS strength. 

It will save your soul.