Writing As An Act of Faith

How is writing an act of faith? If we have a spiritual landscape or backdrop to our life then isn't writing an effort to make sense of our earthly sojourn? What better way than with words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories. 

As of late, I've wondered about writing as a consecrated effort or act of "gathering light." So much of what we do in the world rubs against the gray shades of the world, and yet, we keep seeking and searching for light to carry us through the darkness. Rather than looking for light, what if our words became the gathered light as we become an extension of Jesus Christ. 

Light comes in small shafts and fragments, but it also comes in streams and waves. When we write, there are ways to bring understanding and light to experiences that we're still trying to make sense of. 

Here's an idea to take your writing to a deeper level of application and analysis: 

  1. Today, try carrying a pen and paper to record the manifestations of God's love for you. Can you gather light as you look for His love? 

  2. At the end of the day, record the moments where you were given new understanding, new light, new ways of seeing something that deepened your discipleship of Jesus Christ? 

Writing and faith---two words that deserve some exploration from every individual who is a believer in Jesus Christ and in His light, particularly as we carry it within us.